International Research

Why Rules and Systems Matter: Lessons from Around the World

RepresentWomen undertakes all of our research projects to further understand the current landscape of women's political and judicial representation across demographic and social divides. We use our research to ground and develop our advocacy strategies to build a culture of change and progress for women's representation throughout the country. 

The United States' progress toward gender parity in elected office has been slow, especially in comparison to other nations. The U.S. currently ranks 82nd in the world for women's representation in national legislatures. The Countries out-ranking the U.S. have for the most part adopted rules and systems changes which encourage the election of women. RepresentWomen completed a 2019 report on the systems and rules which have benefited women in other countries and outlines why the United States' rank has dropped since 1998 and continues to fall behind in the field of gender parity. Our goal with international research us to offer data-driven solutions and ideas to improve gender parity in the U.S. based on lessons from other countries. 

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