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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation June 21, 2019


Good evening friends!
I am about to board a flight to London and then on to India and my computer keeps crashing so this week's missive will really be brief!
Our friends at the Barbara Lee Family Foundation teamed up with the terrific Women & Politics Institute at American University to launch Gender on the Ballot:



We are excited to share a new way to keep up with all things gender and politics! The Barbara Lee Family Foundation and the Women & Politics Institute at American University School of Public Affairs have teamed up for a new nonpartisan project: Gender on the Ballot.

As the conversation and culture around running for office in the United States continues to evolve, Gender on the Ballot will contribute to the national dialogue on gender and politics through accessible content from experts and practitioners. Follow along here: and

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  • We’re excited to share a new way to keep up with all things gender and politics! Our friends at @BLFF_org and @AU_WPI have launch a new website: check it out! @OnGender #GenderOnTheBallot
  • Exciting news! Our friends at @BLFF_org and @AU_WPI are teaming up launch a new project: Gender on the Ballot! For more info head to @OnGender and


Reka Safrany - whom some of you will remember from the meeting in Brussels in 2016 - will be presenting at this event in NYC next week:
While families are often a place of love and solidarity, they can also be a source of inequality and violence. The theme of UN Women’s flagship report, Progress of the World’s Women 2019 - 2020, will focus on Families in a Changing World. The report will explore how laws, policies, and public action can support families in ways that enable women’s rights related to resources, bodily integrity, and voice.

Join us for an evening of conversations about the report’s illuminating findings and the power of civil society in demanding actions to secure women’s equality within and beyond the family.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

5:30 pm Registration
6:00 pm Program
8:00 pm Reception

Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice
Ford Family Auditorium
320 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017
There was an important piece in Politico Magazine - written by Cyrus Mehri, a friend of mine who is the author of the Rooney Rule and a diversity expert:
Research has also long shown that increasing diversity in company leadership leads to increased innovation and better returns for shareholders. This year, a candidate pool that is diverse in terms of race, gender and sexuality, as well as life and work experience and geography has already put forward a wide array of innovative policy proposals and new ideas. That’s no accident. The data from the past 20 years indicates that the process used in the 2020 primaries will result in a diverse national ticket and Democrats will have the opportunity to catapult the country forward in countless ways.
Have a marvelous few weeks - I'll try and post some photos from my meetings in India!
P.S. Picked these this morning:

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