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Honoring A Lifetime Boss


Celebrate Cynthia Richie Terrell's 60th birthday with us! Cynthia is an ardent advocate for women and a respected changemaker in her field. Spending time with her has taught me that leadership can be gentle and kind, while also being fiercely effective. From supporting my push for organization-wide DEIB initiatives and research focused more exclusively on women of color, to sharing her decades of leadership experience (and delicious brownie recipes!), Cynthia has proven to be a once in a lifetime boss. 

As we honor our founder’s important milestone, we're driven to amplify our efforts in creating a fairer and more inclusive democracy.

RepresentWomen is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that hold women back in politics. We're a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization, committed to creating a more representative government. Your support this April is incredibly impactful. Even better, a kind-hearted donor has pledged to match every dollar donated. This means that your impact will be doubled!

You can donate on our website to contribute. Recurring donations, big or small, are deeply appreciated as they sustain our mission to create avenues for women to run, win, serve, and lead!

As voting rights expert Lani Guinier said, “51 percent of the people should not always get 100 percent of the power.” 

Increasing the representation of women in politics is vital for building a democracy that truly reflects and serves its diverse population. Women bring invaluable experiences and insights to decision-making processes. Women leaders ensure that a wide array of issues, including those affecting women and marginalized communities, receive the attention they deserve.

When women have a seat at the decision-making table, the needs of their constituents, such as equal pay, reproductive rights, healthcare access, and combating gender-based violence, are more effectively addressed and prioritized. Not only does their presence in political leadership roles serve as an inspiration, it sets an example for future generations, fosters greater civic engagement, and challenges antiquated stereotypes.

Having more women in politics is a strategic step towards addressing systemic inequalities and promoting gender-responsive policies. Advocating for women's participation in politics goes beyond achieving gender parity; it's about creating a more inclusive and representative democracy where everyone's voice is not only heard but also valued and implemented for the betterment of society as a whole. 

Together, we're paving the way for women’s voices and leadership to thrive in our democracy. Join us in building a future where women's empowerment is not just a goal but the norm.

Thank you for being a part of this vital journey!

Marvelous Maeze

Research Associate, RepresentWomen

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