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Democracy Solutions Summit

Our 2024 virtual Democracy Solutions Summit will be held March 5-7, 2024. More information coming soon!

Explore last year's DSS and Take Action guide below:






Want to explore the recordings and resources from last year’s Democracy Solutions Summit? Find more here!

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We are proud to bring you the 2023 Democracy Solutions Summit: Take Action Resource Guide! This guide contains actionable steps directly from experts in the field to upgrade and align our democracy with our 21st-century values. Another huge thank you to our wonderful speakers for their contributions to this guide. Based on feedback from participants, we also included the resources that were shared live during each day in the Zoom chat!

This FREE virtual event brings together experts and leaders in election administration, voting rights, and democracy reform who are working on innovative solutions that upgrade and strengthen our democracy.
Women experts will discuss a range of critical issues related to fair access, fair elections, and fair representation. Experts will focus on viable, scalable, and transformative solutions to build a 21st century democracy that reflects today’s needs and values.

Click on the image of each day for a more detailed agenda and speaker lineup.

DAY ONE: Fair Access – Ensuring Ballot Access for Voters and Candidates


DAY TWO: Fair Elections – Upgrading US Presidential Elections


DAY THREE: Fair Representation – Ranked Choice Voting and the Fair Representation Act



RepresentWomen is a nonpartisan research and advocacy hub that is dedicated to building a 21st-century democracy with inclusive gender balance at every level of government in the United States. We study the barriers women face in politics and partner with allies to advance best practices to address those barriers so that all women can run, win, serve, and lead.