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Barriers & Solutions

Women Running: Gender balanced funding and recruitment targets

RepresentWomen imagines a democracy where political parties, PACS, and donors commit to intentional actions to ensure that more women are...
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Women Winning: Ranked Choice Voting

We imagine a democracy where every voter has an elected leader who truly represents them, and a voting system that gives voters more voice and more choice.
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Women Serving: Legislative rules changes

RepresentWomen imagines a modern governmental workplace where more women office holders can thrive. To achieve this, legislative bodies should enact the...
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Women Leading: Gender balanced appointment and hiring rules

Even after winning elected office, women face more barriers compared to their male colleagues in serving effectively and being promoted into leadership positions. Elected officials and individuals with hiring power must ensure there are women's voices at the highest levels through gender balanced appointments and replacement mandates and by following the Rankin-Chisolm Rule.
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