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Women Experts in Democracy Directory

Our 2022 Democracy Solutions Summit was the first-ever democracy summit to feature only women-identifying advocates and experts. Forty-five to be exact. After that inaugural summit, we received a great deal of positive feedback and acknowledgment of the need for more women's voices at the table.

To fulfill this need identified by the Democracy Solutions Summit, RepresentWomen has created a directory of diverse women experts in democracy reform and women's representation as a critically important resource for these movements. We believe representation matters, and we know there are qualified, influential women whose voices we don’t hear enough. This ever-growing directory is publicly available as a resource for any individual, organization, media outlet, etc. to help ensure that the movement reflects all of its diverse voices and perspectives.

The women in this directory are leaders in their fields, and their expertise ranges from candidate training to election security, campaign finance, ranked choice voting, and more. These women are advocates, academics, elected officials, and organizers who live across the United States and abroad who, collectively, speak 11 languages! You can use the "Areas of Expertise" filter to explore or narrow down your search.  Please use and share this tool to improve your panels, events, op-eds, resource creation, etc. by calling on these highly-skilled Women Experts in Democracy.

If you would like to be featured in the directory or know someone who should be, please complete this form or contact us at [email protected].