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Women Leading

Our mission is to reform the institutions and structures holding all women back from getting involved in politics rather than focusing on individual women. Recruiting, training, and funding female candidates will be more effective once the electoral process stops systemically disadvantaging women at each level of government.


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Below are suggestions on how to dismantle these barriers for women in elected office.

The Rankin-Chisholm Rule

RepresentWomen is working with a team (featured in the image below) to advance the Rankin-Chisholm Rule. Among the top congressional staffer positions, women and people of color are underrepresented. The Rankin-Chisholm Rule, modeled after the National Football League’s Rooney Rule, is designed to increase racial and gender diversity among staffers in Capitol Hill offices by implementing a diverse interview slate requirement. It is now is being considered by the House of Representatives Office on Diversity to include in their legislative package. We believe the rule is an important step towards increasing diversity in hiring on the Hill. The Rankin-Chisholm Rule can also serve as a model to increase representation for women and people of color among political candidates and positions in government through intentional actions.


Click here to read the Rankin-Chisholm Rule.


Cynthia Richie Terrell, Pam Coukos, Rene Redwood, Holli Holliday,

Kemba Hendrix, & Jenny Yang meeting with the House Rules Committee