Women Leading

Our mission is to reform the institutions and structures holding all women back from getting involved in politics rather than focusing on individual women. Recruiting, training, and funding female candidates will be more effective once the electoral process stops systemically disadvantaging women at each level of government.


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Below are suggestions on how to dismantle these barriers for women in elected office.

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Fairer Legislative Practices

RepresentWomen calls on city, state, and national legislators to reform their internal practices and culture so that women legislators can serve and lead effectively. Erratic work schedules, low pay rates, geographic distance, and unfair leadership selection processes make serving a challenge for many women - especially those caring for children and managing households. Although these reforms would benefit men and women, these issues disproportionately affect women.

Women Serving in Elected Office

To make the governmental workplace one in which more women office holders can thrive, legislative bodies should enact the following internal process reforms:

  • Provide affordable on-site childcare
  • Allow for telecommuting and virtual voting for elected officials
  • Create family-friendly schedules for committee meetings and floor proceedings
  • Review the ways in which committee leadership is selected

Women Leading in Elected Office

RepresentWomen calls on gatekeepers at the city, state, and federal level to demonstrate a commitment to gender parity by appointing women to key leadership positions - like committee chairs - when they become available.

Join us in turning public passion for gender parity into action and results