Our Internship Program

The RepresentWomen team is seeking highly-motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join us this term! Through this program, interns work directly with full-time staff to develop a work plan that helps to match our current goals with the individual goals of each new member of our team. 

Over the course of the first week of the internship, our team meets one-on-one with each intern to assess what projects best-suit their experience and interests, while also providing them with the support and opportunities they need to make their time with us both productive and meaningful.

To apply, please follow the link to our internship portal, where you will find all the latest information on our internship program. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected] or via our contact us page if you have any questions! 

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"This internship gave me a lot of flexibility to be able to pursue my interests and engage with their research directly. I have been really involved with a specific project for the majority of my internship, which has allowed me to really dive into it! The workload is manageable (even with a 15 credit class schedule and other obligations) and everyone in the office is extremely accommodating"

- Jordan Westendorf, Spring 2020 Communications Intern,

Georgetown Class of 2022

"I liked that I got to write about the issues RepresentWomen deals with, such as women's representation, electoral reforms, and how gender operates in politics. These are all topics that interest me and I love writing, so I really enjoyed the majority of the tasks I was given" 

- Gilda Geist, Summer 2019 Communications Intern,

Brandeis Class of 2022

"I wanted to learn more skills, more data-based skills. I'm a computer science minor and I really wanted to learn to do analytical research using data. And I've gotten some amazing chances to learn more R and Python and data visualization while I'm here and I just, I really love it"

- Marilyn Harbert, Summer 2019 Research Intern,

Bryn Mawr Class of 2020


"Don't be afraid to ask how you can help. Cynthia has about a thousand projects and ideas floating around in her head, so if you know what you want to do, chances are she has some ideas for how to integrate that into RepresentWomen's work"

Gilda Geist, Summer 2019 Communications Intern,

Brandeis Class of 2022

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