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Natalia Herbst

Natalia is an Obama Scholar ‘19 who has over 10 years of experience in government at the local and national level. In 2023 she was a member of President Obama’s Inclusive Economies Working Group. She currently is Director of Latin America Strategy and Development at Apolitical Foundation, where she works on supporting female candidates running for office, and PMO at Publica Lab, where she works with founders of private companies building narratives about businesses’ impact on communities’ development. In her appointment as National Director for Community Organizations at the National Youth Institute, her work focused on developing youth-centered public policy impacting +1.5 million youth across the country. This was done by focusing on shifting paradigms around government engagement with youth. She holds a BA in international studies (UTDT), an MA in development studies (IDS-Sussex), and is an Obama Scholar-Columbia University. She is a JICA, Fulbright, and Aspen Ideas Fellow alumni.