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Democracy Solutions Summit: Amplifying Women's Voices

Every election cycle, we find ourselves asking the same questions: why are so few women in office? How do we close the representation gap? And how can we include more women in the work to build a stronger democracy? The Democracy Solutions Summit, hosted by RepresentWomen, provides a unique forum to address these challenges head-on.

The facts are stark: Women hold fewer than a third of seats in Congress and state legislatures nationwide. This isn't just a numbers issue; it's a symptom of a system still stacked against women. Women face unique obstacles, from unconscious bias to structural barriers, when running for office.

Years ago, on a Monday morning staff call, fueled by a frustration with a  reform movement led largely by men and a surge of optimism, I said, “Why not create our own democracy summit?”  It resonated with a profound sense of timeliness and a determination to carve a new path in a system resistant to progress. It was time women led the conversation on American democracy. Women possess a wealth of expertise and a unique understanding of the challenges we face in the political arena. Our perspectives on solutions warrant serious consideration as we strive to build a more representative democracy.

The Democracy Solutions Summit brings together women experts, advocates, and elected officials to share promising solutions. This isn't about abstract theory – it's about actionable reforms and solutions that can break down barriers and open doors for women candidates and leaders across the political spectrum. This includes implementing ranked choice voting to empower more diverse voices, supporting fair election administration, and establishing public funding for campaigns to level the playing field.

But it's not just about systems – it's about changing mindsets. The Democracy Solutions Summit provides a space to confront biases that can hold women back, both in how voters perceive them and their leadership in the democracy reform space. It's about showcasing role models and fostering the kind of partners and allies network to help more women see themselves in positions of power as thought leaders. We created the Women Experts in Democracy Directory after the first Democracy Solutions Summit to make finding women experts for panels, boards, and events easy.

The benefits of greater representation are undeniable. Studies show that women in government bring different perspectives to issues like healthcare, education, and economic justice – perspectives that reflect the lived experiences of half the population. A more representative democracy is a more responsive democracy.

I urge everyone who cares about the future of our country to attend the Democracy Solutions Summit from 3 to 5pm EST, March 5-7. This three-day virtual event is free for all to attend. It's more than an event; it's an opportunity to be part of the solution. By supporting women experts and advocating for the reforms that will make a difference, we can build a democracy that truly represents us all.

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