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Ashley Thurston- Communications Director

Ashley Thurston is the Communications Director for RepresentWomen, where she manages both internal and external communications with a focus on cultivating strong press relationships. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley's early fascination with media and journalism led her to pursue a career in the field. After high school and as a college student, she joined the newsroom at National Public Radio in Atlanta, assuming the responsibilities of a regular reporter and later taking on the role of assistant producer, responsible for weekly content production.

An internship opportunity in Los Angeles inspired  Ashley to transfer from the University of Georgia to work with a public radio station in LA. Her passion for empowering young women led her to establish her own radio show, "The Powder Room." After a pivot to child development, Ashley began her new career as an assistant teacher and eventually progressed to school administration for an early childhood center, Ashley rediscovered her love for media. Joining iHeart Media as a producer, she also enrolled in Mount St. Mary's University's Film and Media program, focusing on documentary production.

After experiencing challenges due to the pandemic, Ashley decided to return to Atlanta to be closer to her family. Transitioning back to the field of communications, she assumed the role of Communications Director for the Georgia House Democrats in the office of the Minority Leader. In this capacity, Ashley created a communication strategy for  legislators to effectively communicate the priorities of the House Democrats, particularly those impacting the health and safety of Georgians.

During Ashley’s free time, she loves to spend time with her family and closest loved ones, focus on her fitness journey through personal training and Pilates, and travel to exciting places.

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