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Once in elected office, women’s representation must move beyond tokenism To achieve this, legislatures must adopt modern workplace rules and legislative practices so women can serve safely and effectively and rise through the ranks into leadership positions.

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To learn more, look through our "Women Serving" page.

Other supporters of these reforms include: The House Select Committee on Modernization


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Increasing the number of women who run for and win elected office is just the first step in achieving gender parity and equality in politics. Once in office, women must be able to serve effectively and rise through the ranks into leadership positions.

Some of the reforms and policy changes which could help women serve effectively include ...

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1. Teach others about the reforms needed so women can serve effectively

Use our presentation on the reforms and policies which all governing bodies can adopt to ensure more women can serve effectively and rise through the ranks into leadership positions. 




2. Join the conversation on social media

Share the facts about the reforms needed to ensure women can serve effectively in US politics with our pre-made graphics, be sure to tag RepresentWomen

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Call on your local officials to support and implement these workplace reforms so more women can serve effectively. 

Email your local elected officials 

If you support one or more of the reforms we have outlined, contact your local elected officials and urge them to back these legislative changes and modernized workplace rules using our handy email template below. 

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