Women Lead

Just as important as being able to serve effectively, women must be appointed to leadership positions at the same rates as men; this includes committee leadership positions, executive cabinets, and diverse hiring in high-level staff positions.

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To learn more, look through our "Women Leading" page.

Our partners in these reforms include: Working IDEAL; Sisters Lead Sisters Vote; Holliday Advisors; The Melanin Collective; Inclusive America

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Rankin-Chisholm Rule 

Among the top congressional staffer positions, women and people of color continue to be underrepresented. The Rankin-Chisholm Rule is a policy initiative designed to correct this systemic problem and increase racial and gender diversity in legislative offices, particularly in leadership roles. 

The Rankin-Chisholm Rule states: “The decision-maker for top staff positions in personal offices, on committees, and in caucus leadership offices should conduct an in-person interview with a slate of candidates from diverse perspectives and backgrounds on the basis of gender, race and other factors, including multiple women and people of color.”

Gender Balanced Appointments

Elected officials have a profound power to increase the gender and racial diversity in leadership positions through gender balanced appointments and replacement mandates. Committing to diverse appointments to executive cabinets, commissions and vacancies is the fastest way to increase the diversity of our decision-making leaders. 

1. Teach others about the reforms

Use our presentation on the suggested women lead reforms with your community and teach them about the importance of women's voices in leadership positions. 

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2. Join the conversation on social media

Share the reforms to ensure more women reach leadership positions with these pre-made graphics, be sure to tag RepresentWomen. 

Social Media Library 


3. Make your own petition

Call on your local leaders to commit to gender balanced appointments and replacement mandates with your own petition. You can model yours on the one we have created below.

Download Our Model 

Email your legislator about the Rankin-Chisholm Rule

Contacting your representative is an easy, free, yet effective way to call attention to something that matters to you, their constituents and voters. This can be especially effective when an elected official is up for reelection as they need the support to stay in their positions. Below are two ways you can contact them.

Not sure who your representative is? Click here to look them up using your zipcode!

If you support the the Rankin-Chisholm Rule ask your representative to support the diverse and inclusive hiring practices, with our handy email template below.

Rankin-Chisholm Rule Template 

Email your local leaders about the gender balanced appointments

Call on your local leaders to appoint gender balanced commissions, cabinets and ensure all vacancies are filled with gender and racial diversity in mind. 

Gender Balanced Appointments Template