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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation March 17, 2016

Dear friends,

The celebrations of women's history month continue with plenty to read and absorb.

I was very glad to take my 16 year old daughter to Running Start's10th anniversary gala this week in Washington, DC. Madeline Albright was honored at the fabulous event that featured an impressive array of women - from student leaders to members of Congress. Congratulations to the Running Start leadership and staff on an incredible evening! I am happy to report that my daughter was very inspired!

There was a very interesting article in Newsweek by Emily Cadei on the widening gender gap between men and women voters in 2016 - a gender gap large enough to have a serious impact on a number of races.

A piece in the Boston Globe explains how ranked ballots reduce negative campaigning and provide an incentive for candidates to remain positive - this is one of the structural reforms that Representation2020 believes will result in more women running and winning election.

And a big shout out to the team at She Should Run for the release of See Joan Run! Everyone is talking about the book - including Shonda Rhimes!

More news from Justin Trudeau

Women In The World staff reported on Prime Minister Trudeau's remarks at the UN's 60th session on the status of women this week. I would like to know how many American politicians would agree with Trudeau's comment that "Saying I'm a feminist is saying I believe in equality between men & women. It's like saying the sky is blue."

This blog on The Conversation discusses efforts by Trudeau and others to create gender balance at the cabinet level. "Parity cabinets have also been formed in France by François Hollande, Chile by Michelle Bachelet, Italy by Matteo Renzi, and Spain by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero."

It's beyond time for us to call for parity in appointed governmental positions in the United States.


The Pew Research Center released a sobering report on the staggering number of nations that have never elected a woman head of state.

UN Women has a fabulous website and social media footprint - I am so glad for their voice for women and for videos like this.

With parity in mind,


P.S. This week marked the 110th anniversary of the death of women's rights champion Susan B Anthony - this image captures the connection between her generation and ours.

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