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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation July 5, 2019


(Dessert at the 4th of July party I attended in the northeast corner of India last night)
Hello all!
Another brief message tonight as I am still in India and have very limited access to WiFi! It has been another amazing week of meetings with heads of several states, incredible activists, and experts on governance and democracy. We spent July 3rd at the governor's mansion in the state of Meghalaya - a vestige of all the grandeur and contradictions of colonialism in India. Last night we celebrated Independence Day at the home of Hasina Kharbhib who started Impulse as a teenager! It was of course memorable to be with such a lively crowd of former colonists!
My ever helpful husband shared a couple things as he knew I would be in transit today, they include:
  • A terrific-looking documentary tracks the all-female crew who "sailed around the world and into history" - this looks like a great summer film
  • A great read from the Washington Post about the emergence of women athletes demanding equality
  • A great piece about efforts to diversify the voting population for the Academy Awards
For those of you who are interested in the recent US Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering & the possibilities for reform please listen in to Rob Richie on CSPAN's Washington Journal this morning.
The RepresentWomen team has been very productive in my absence - they are working to update the Gender Parity Index, the International Women's Representation Report, the PAC support for female candidates report, engage in direct outreach and more. They have also been working hard on the ever-present need to illustrate the impact of systems reforms on the representation of women - here are are some terrific infographics they produced on women's representation in nations participating in the G20 Summit:
Here are a few more photos from this last week:
At the Hindu Temple in Guarwarti
This is the area on the border between Bangladesh and India
Wishing you a great holiday weekend,
P.S.  Budweiser seems to be the beer of choice at 4th of July parties in India!

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