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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation January 6, 2017


​Dear friends,

There was a very interesting piece in Roll Call by Simone Pathe on funding models for republican women candidates which raises some very interesting questions about what motivates voters to donate to and/or vote for women candidates.

The GOP lacks a similar infrastructure to guide women through open primaries, instead relying on splintered, smaller groups to offer assistance — none of which carry the same weight in the Republican Party as EMILY’s List does among Democrats.

Republicans, in fact, have entered the 115th Congress down one woman in the Senate and the House respectively from the previous Congress. The partisan gender gap could grow next year with multiple GOP congresswomen eyeing higher office. 

USA Today reports that incoming UN Secretary General António Guterres wants more women in leadership positions saying that gender parity "is key for the organization to thrive."
This piece in the Irish News looks at the failure of many boards in Ireland to meet the gender quota goals set by Parliament - raising good questions about how to enforce rules and laws relating to gender quotas and targets - especially voluntary ones that I foresee for the US.

The Oregonian asks what readers think about whether women should be required to register for the draft - discussions around this issue are sure to delve into questions about the implications of pushing for gender equality.


Vox did a cursory story on the continuing gender disparity in 115th Congress - citing the stats we all have heard without exploring either the reasons why or the solutions to problem in depth.

Empowered Women shared a very interesting story from the PBS Newshour on why so few women run school districts in the US.

ELLE featured the new women who were sworn into Congress this week!


As a reminder, everyone on this list is encouraged to send me anything you would like to share with the listserv! There are now approximately 300 of you from across a number of sectors and political persuasions! All suggestions, opinions, insights on how this listserv can be an effective means of communication are welcome!

Here's to a year of progress toward parity!


P.S. The New York Times reported on a major blunder made by The Washington Post this week in their coverage of the women's march planned for January 21st - I imagine most of you have seen this image already!


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