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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation December 11, 2015

Good Afternoon Friends,

As a reminder, the Representation2020 team is sending regular, email updates on Friday afternoons to share information on the great work of our partners and friends on this listserv. If you’d like us to include something, please email Cynthia ([email protected]) with a link or attachment by Friday morning. In supporting each other, we ask that you “like,” share, “<3 [heart],” retweet, and post in the comment sections of these various pieces!


After working on the Representation2020 project for over two years at FairVote, I am moving on to another opportunity at the Federal Election Commission. It has been wonderful working with all of you towards the important goal of gender parity. If you would like to keep in touch with me, please feel free to contact me through my personal email address: [email protected].


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