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Tribal Nations

As research develops around women's political representation it often focuses on national and state levels, sometimes at the expense of other levels of elected representation. One such example of this data gap is women's current and historic political representation and voice within Tribal Nations. RepresentWomen has published preliminary research on a small number of Indigenous Nations in North America; and is in the midst of conducting an investigation into women's representation in the 576 federally recognized Tribal Nations in the 48 contiguous states and the 229 federally recognized Alaskan Native Nations and Corporations. As always RepresentWomen remains culturally humble in our approach to studying other cultures and systems of governance and are open and eager to partner with those who have more expertise.

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infogram_0_76efc537-17d0-48fb-93c1-196cee2d51dfComparison % Women Tribal Council v. City Council

infogram_0_6f9f8982-d9c7-4b65-bec7-af12f3d92d2fTop 10 Tribal Councils for Women's Representation

Further research and resources both from us and our partners can be found here: National Congress of American IndiansIndigenous Women Rising, Advance Native Political Leadership, National Caucus of Native American State LegislatorsNative Land Digital

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