The Cabinet

The Cabinet

After the President and Vice President, members of the President's Cabinet constitute some of the most powerful leaders in the United States. But since Cabinet positions are appointed and not elected, it is up to the President to ensure that their Cabinet is diverse and representative. While 15 countries currently meet or exceed gender parity on their Executive Cabinets, the United States is still far from achieving this goal. Appointing a gender-balanced cabinet is one of the fastest ways that the United States can achieve greater gender-based representation.



The below graph lists all women that have been appointed to Cabinet or Cabinet-level positions from FDR to Biden. There has been a steady increase over the past century, with a peak of 19 total women being appointed during Obama's presidency. 

infogram_0_cfc92f77-4b32-4575-b45c-edbb21f2d3acCopy: 2020 Congressional Representation By Seat Type - Pie Chart

To learn more about the history of gender diversity in Presidential Cabinets, take a look through our timeline below.

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