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Take Action



RepresentWomen’s inaugural Solutions Summit brought together experts in the fields of voting rights, democracy reform, and election administration to advocate for meaningful, innovative solutions to the issues facing our democracy today. 

Our inspiring panelists and speakers highlighted some of the many ways YOU can Take Action today to help upgrade our democracy into the 21st century! Check out recordings from each day along with the steps you can take.

Day Three featured a discussion on expanding the House, Ranked Choice Voting, the Fair Representation Act, and ending gerrymandering as solutions to the crisis of unequal representation in our nation today.

WATCH: Solutions Summit Day 3: Fair Representation | [click here to view the video on our Youtube channel or watch below]

READ: the transcript here 

Take Action Steps

A plain text version of these Take Action resources is available.


Use community gatherings and tabling events to invite attendees to "try out" Ranked Choice Voting.  For example, have folks fill out a ballot to choose their favorite snacks.  You can also host RCV polls for other "vote for your favorites" that relate to issues of concern in your community on your organizational websites and then post results. Share invitations for these on your social media.

Advocate for an Independent Citizens Redistricting Process and contact the organization if you need help determining how.

Attend a bi-monthly “Why Ranked-Choice Voting Works” workshop with FairVote Washington to learn the language around RCV and how to participate in our movement. Sign up by clicking the logo!

Watch the DC Latino Caucus’ recording of their RCV and Preparing Latinx Communities for RCV in DC Panel Discussion.

Check out RepresentWomen’s Women Win resources to learn more about Ranked Choice Voting, Multi-Winner Districts, and Expanding the House of Representatives.


This is just the beginning! Check back for an in-depth Solutions Summit Take Action Resource Guide, coming soon.