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International Dashboard

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Gender Parity Index History, 2014-Present

infogram_0_fad77bb9-af8c-4e91-b796-9456172669052022 GPI History 2014 - 2022

Gender Makeup of State Supreme Courts

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Multi-Member Districts and Ranked Choice Voting in State Elections

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Gender Makeup of Cabinets

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Where Ranked Choice Voting is Used/Enacted in the U.S.

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U.S. House Representation Projections Under the Fair Representation Act

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State Party Gender Rules Map

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Voting Rights of Incarcerated Population by State

infogram_0_3f7623fc-ab02-4e4d-aa57-ef22c97bea96Voting Rights of Incarcerated ppl by State

Incarceration impacts political representation by:

  • Requiring formerly incarcerated individuals to pay legal financial obligations (LFOs) before being re-enfranchised. This pay-to-vote system is particularly difficult for formerly incarcerated women who face higher rates of unemployment both before and after incarceration than men. 
  • Prison gerrymandering counts incarcerated individuals as residents of the prison's district rather than their home communities in the decennial census. This impacts both the funding and representation given to both the prison and home communities. 

Further research and resources on the topic can be found from allies in the field at: the Vera Institute of Justice, the Prison Policy Initiative, the Sentencing Project, and the following podcast with Michele Goodwin. 

Women's Rep in National Conventions Map

infogram_0_20db34d5-5fee-4bca-bb08-70c7af7a6bafParty Rules Maps