Meet the Team: Corinne Bennett

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Meet the Team: Claire Halffield

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Meet the Team: Anna Aguto

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Meet the Team: Aminah Nassiff

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Communications Fellow

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Kaycie Goral

Kaycie Goral is a Communications Fellow at RepresentWomen, recent “Corona-Grad” from American University, and a lover of good storytelling. She’s a marathon binge-watcher, an amateur detective, and lover of all things cozy: beginning with her trusty heating pad. 

Kaycie believes that through stories, through the details and life we put into telling them, we can transform hearts and minds. Those narratives in life, and politics, give us context and strengthen our empathy muscles. Kaycie has applied this skill for storytelling with political groups, such as the Democratic Attorneys General Association, in radio journalism with NPR and WAMU, and at the Yale Writers workshop.

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Posted on Take Action on March 27, 2020

Meet the Team: Faith Campbell

Posted on Blog on January 23, 2020

Hello! My name is Faith, and I just started as a research intern here at RepresentWomen. I’m in Washington for the Semester, but this is not my first time here by a long shot. My (twin) sister moved to the area a few years ago, and I have since repeatedly come to visit. I am a Political Science with a Pre-Law track and a minor in Religion at Marietta College, currently attend AU’s Washington Semester Program with a concentration in Foreign Policy. During my time so far at Marietta College I have been involved with multiple organizations in varying capacities. My favorite being my role as vice-president of the LGBTQIA+ Activism Club.

Meet the Team: Katie Murnane

Posted on Blog on January 23, 2020

“If you want to lift up humanity, empower women. It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high-leverage investment you can make in human beings.” Melinda Gates, Moment of Lift

The European Commission reaches gender parity, but individual European countries lag behind

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Gender parity in the new European Commission is a huge success, as is the number of countries reaching parity for their MEPs; but, for true gender equality to exist, women must have equal access and roles in all levels of government including municipal, national and supranational.

Communications Intern

Posted on Blog on October 31, 2019

"During my time at RepresentWomen, I look forward to adding my passion as a feminist and my skills to help with the work started by the incredible people working here. Beyond this, I hope to learn more about the status of women's representation and leadership in my home country before taking what I have learned into the international realm."