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Posted on Media Hub on August 08, 2019

Women LEAD

Embodying the phrase “if you can see it, you can be it,” normalizing women in political leadership positions will normalize the idea of women as leaders, period. Despite the growing numbers of women legislators, this progress does not automatically translate into women's uptick in executive or staff leadership positions. It's time we change that with intentional systems reforms. It's time we de-bug our democracy and Let Women Lead.

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Congress, state legislatures, and local governments must modernize their internal practices and culture so that women legislators can serve and lead effectively. Erratic work schedules, low pay rates, geographic distance, and unfair leadership selection processes serve as a challenge for many women—especially those caring for relatives and managing households. Although these reforms would benefit men and women, these issues disproportionately affect women and will continue barring women from serving.

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Women WIN 

In January of 2021 with women holding 27 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives, the U.S. ranked 67th in the world for women’s representation in the lower house. Despite record-breaking election cycles the U.S. remains continually outpaced by 70+ countries including the majority of our democratic allies—allies that don’t have better women running, but better systems for women to run in and WIN.

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Women RUN

RepresentWomen's mission is to reform the institutions and structures that hold women back from running for office rather than forcing women to change. Increasing the recruitment, training, and funding of women candidates will be more effective in getting women elected at every level of government. It's time we dismantle these barriers for women who want to run for office.

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House it Going?: The Case for Expanding the House of Representatives 

While the US population continues to grow, the number of elected officials representing them at the highest levels of government has not changed in more than a century. Luckily there is an easy solution, expand the US House of Representatives addressing the disproportionate representation ratio and increasing opportunities for women to run for office and win. 

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How Does Ranked Choice Voting Help Women?

Ranked Choice Voting is having a moment. Learn more about this game-changing systems strategy which will decrease partisanship, lower election costs, and increase the number of women who run in and win elections. 

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RCV Means: RepresentWomen

Learn about the many benefits of ranked choice voting, and how they help elect a more representative government.

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RepresentWomen 101

Learn about RepresentWomen and our systems strategy approach to reaching gender parity in politics. 

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11.2020 RepresentWomen Post-Election Fall Webinar

Join experts in the field for RepresentWomen's fall webinar on how women faired in the 2020 election cycle and what needs to be done going forward to reach parity in politics.

Featuring: Cynthia Richie Terrell, Susannah Wellford (Running Start), Michelle Whittaker, Jennifer Rajkumar (NY State Assemblywoman), Amber McReynolds (National Vote at Home Institute), Onida Coward Mayers (MirRam Group), Mehrnaz Teymourian, and Sheila Krumholz (Center for Responsive Politics). 

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8.2020 Summer Speaker Series: International Women's Representation

This is the final installment of our five part series. This week we discuss the women's elected representation around the world and what types of electoral rules and systems allow for a more representative democracy.

Featuring: Tiffany Gardner (ReflectUS), Sandra Pepera (National Democratic Institute), and Hannah So (RepresentWomen)

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8.2020 Summer Speaker Series: Intro to Systems Strategies/Women in Politics

This is part four of a five part series. This week we dive into ways in which everyone can support women in politics. In this talk we cover what it is like to be a woman in politics, as well as how to support and promote more women to run for public office.  

Featuring: Rina Shah, Jenifer Rajkumar, Jheannelle Wilkins (Maryland General Assembly), and Taylor Herrick (RepresentWomen) 

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7.2020 Summer Speaker Series: PACs and Female Candidate Support

This is part three of a five part series. This week we discuss our recently published report on PAC and individual donations to women candidates during the 2018 election cycle. Our panelists consider the influence PACs have on elections and female candidate support in order to analyze the role that money plays in elections and what donors and individuals can do to support women running for office. 

Featuring: Rina Shah, Sarah Bryner (Center for Responsive Politics), Corrinne Bennet (RepresentWomen), and Maura Reilly (RepresentWomen)

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7.2020 Summer Speaker Series: Ranked Choice Voting

This is part two of a five part series. This week we discuss our recently published Ranked Choice Voting report and how people can help support ranked choice voting locally and nationally.  

Featuring: Michelle C. Whittaker (Democracy Initiative), Maura Reilly (RepresentWomen), and Courtney Lamendola (RepresentWomen)

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7.2020 Summer Speaker Series: RepresentWomen 101

RepresentWomen’s mission is to strengthen our democracy by advancing reforms that break down barriers to ensure more women can run, win, serve, and lead. Through this talk series, we aim to give an overview of what we do at RepresentWomen, and introduce our research to foster more conversations surrounding getting women elected and how to support them. This is a five part series that dives into ranked choice voting, PACS and female candidate support, an introduction to systems strategies and women in politics, and international women's representation.

Featuring: Cynthia Richie Terrell (RepresentWomen), Amber McReynolds (National Vote at Home Institute), and Susannah Wellford (Running Start)

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12.2019 Annual Electoral Reform Symposium

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06.2019: System Strategies to Win Gender Parity

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08.2017: Why We Need Ranked Choice Voting

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07.2017: The Declaration of Sentiments Then and Now

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06.2017: The Fair Representation Act

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11.2013: Fair Representation Voting

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09.2013: A Century From Suffrage to Parity

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09.2013: Forum on the State of Women's Representation

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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation August 10, 2018

Posted on Blog on August 10, 2018

Once again I am racing out the door - this time to a Rank Your Favorite Beer event nearby which should be fun! Ranked choice voting advocates have been introducing voters to ranked ballots with events like this across the country! Pie tastings work nicely too! The Boston Globe wrote a terrific editorial in favor of ranked choice voting this week - fueling even greater momentum for this reform that elects more women to office and is far more democratic than limiting all races to two candidates - which seems to be the other option if we care about majority rule, and I believe we are a group who cares about majority rule in all senses of the phrase!

#WomenToWatch on August 7

Posted on Blog by on July 27, 2018

Primary season resumes in early August, when voters in Tennessee, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, and Washington will pick their candidates for the 2018 midterm elections. There are dozens of accomplished and passionate women running in these five states’ primaries, and it was difficult to choose just one woman to spotlight this week as part of #WomenToWatch. Brenda Jones, candidate for Congress from Michigan’s 13th district, stands out because of her 13 years of service and leadership on Detroit’s City Council. Currently, Jones is serving her second term as the council’s president.

Women's Representation & Ranked Choice Voting in four Bay Area Cities

Posted on Blog on June 08, 2018

Four cities in the Bay Area—San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro—have made the switch to an electoral system called Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). RCV is a voting system that allows voters to rank candidates as their first, second, third choice and so on. If no candidate has a majority when votes are counted, the candidate with the fewest number of votes is eliminated, and ballots that have those candidates marked as their first choice are counted towards the candidate they selected as their second choice. This process results in elections that are fairer and better represent voters’ preferences.

Running Start uses ranked choice voting to elect #ILookLikeAPolitician Ambassador

Posted on Blog on March 20, 2018

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend Running Start’s 12th Annual Women to Watch Awards with my colleagues at RepresentWomen and FairVote. Running Start is a national nonprofit that works to inspire and train the next generation of young women political leaders. It was inspiring to be in the room with young women from all backgrounds and political affiliations determined to create change in our world and challenge what it means to look like a politician.

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation March 9, 2018

Posted on Blog on March 09, 2018

This week millions of women and men around the world celebrated International Women's Day. I learned from Wikipedia that IWD is considered an official state holiday in over 40 countries and that people across the globe honor the women in their lives with small gifts or flowers. This week also marked the launch of ReflectUS - the coalition of women's organizations that includes RepresentWomen, LatinasRepresent, She Should Run, Empowered Women, IGNITE, VoteRunLead, Highter Heights, and Women Influencers - that are working together to test and advance new strategies to win gender parity - in our lifetimes! Thanks to all those who could help us celebrate in person!

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation March 2, 2018

Posted on Blog on March 02, 2018

I have been on the road this week in Canada with Jeanne Massey from FairVote Minnesota speaking to groups in cities that have already adopted ranked choice voting or will be voting to adopt #RCV this fall. It's been great to talk with a lot of Canadians about voting system reform and women's representation - two of my favorite topics. Highlights of the trip included meeting terrific women candidates running for various offices, speaking in a centuries old church in the heart of Toronto & at the Queen's University art gallery with Rembrandts right around the corner, and dipping into conversations about ranked ballots that are happening across the idealogical and generational spectrum in Canada.