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The Girl Power Code

Posted on News Coverage on March 27, 2017

The idea for this panel came after the presidential election last year when many women felt a call to action. We had a fabulous roster of speakers including, Erin Villardi, founder and director of VoteRunLead; Rina Shah, political strategist and media commentator; Cynthia Richie Terrell, founder and director of Representation20/20 and co-founder of FairVote; and Tremaine S. Wright, a New York State Assemblywoman serving the 56th District in Brooklyn, NY.

The Best and Worst PACs for Giving to Women Congressional Candidates in 2016

Posted on Blog on March 22, 2017

In 2016, Representation2020, the Center for Responsive Politics, and Common Cause examined the break down of PAC giving by candidate gender, to find how PACs donated their money to women candidates. Examining U.S. House and Senate elections from 2010–2014 (and with the help of some 2016 data) we found that some PACs were more equitable at giving money to women candidates than others. So what PACs gave the most to women in the 2016 election cycle and what PACs gave the least?

Weekend Reading on Women's Representation March 3. 2017

Posted on Blog on March 03, 2017

Great news for women's representation fans! Eighteen states now have ranked choice voting legislation pending and just today the Utah state house passed RCV with support from 75% of the republican members and all of the democrats - illustrating that rules changes that benefit everyone are winnable & have bipartisan support!

CT Mirror

Posted on News Coverage on December 22, 2016

While voters and political pundits alike are still hashing out what exactly happened on November 8, there is one conclusion about the election that most cannot deny: many voters felt they didn’t have adequate choices.

The Portland Press Herald

Posted on News Coverage on December 11, 2016

While more women of color were just elected to the U.S. House and Senate than ever before, the overall number of women in Congress remains the same, the number of women governors dropped to just five and women’s share of state legislative seats is still under 25 percent. The United States now ranks 99th among nations for the representation of women, a steep decline from 44th in 1995.


Posted on News Coverage on December 07, 2016

Cynthia Richie Terrell, director of Representation 2020, argued that we also need systemic solutions. “Structural reforms to the recruitment process and voting systems are fueling efforts to elect more women to office in other countries,” Terrell wrote by email, pointing out that, due to the lack of such reforms, “the U.S. now ranks behind 99 other nations in terms of women’s representation” in politics.

Beware the Green Mountain Glass Ceiling

Posted on News Coverage on November 24, 2016

In this post-election world where a highly qualified woman lost the presidency to a misogynist bully, and women failed to make meaningful gains nationally in the long quest for gender parity among elected officials, our elected leaders in “progressive Vermont” have much work to do to prove that women in politics in our state are valued as equals.

The Establishment

Posted on News Coverage on November 07, 2016

I’ll be honest: When I heard that battle cry from Hillary Clinton after her nomination as the first female presidential nominee of a major party, I rolled my eyes. It’s just instinct at this point. For me—and, I suspect, other non-Americans looking in—I’ve never been sure why barriers to political leadership in the United States are inherently harder, or its office is inherently higher, than similar roles in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, or Argentina. The whole “highest, hardest glass ceiling” thing rings as hollow to me as when Clinton says “America is great, because America is good.”