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Posted on Blog on October 01, 2018

When I signed up for “Theories of International Relations” last year, I never expected to learn as much about feminism as I did. And yet, while sitting in my first class, I was introduced to the works of J. Ann Tickner – a feminist IR theorist who argues that omitting women from political theory leads to women being omitted from political practice. Through that class, I learned that there are structural causes for the underrepresentation of women in politics, and that this is evident not only in the makeup of our leaders, but also in how our future leaders are being taught.

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Posted on About Us on July 12, 2018

RepresentWomen is a 501 c3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to change the system to provide women equal access to both appointed and elected offices. Instead of placing the burden of change on the shoulders of individual women, we advocate for institutional reforms that will help women run, win, serve, and lead at rates equal to men. Some of the reforms we advocate for include recruitment targets for party leaders so more women run, multi-winner ranked-choice voting so more women win, fairer legislative rules (i.e. proxy voting) so more women serve, and gender-balanced appointments so more women lead. 

At RepresentWomen, we believe that a strong democracy requires equal representation for women across ideological, racial, socioeconomic, and geographic lines. Through research and advocacy, we are paving the way for women in American politics-- not just for some women today, but for all women for good. To learn more about our work before you apply, we encourage you to explore our website and familiarize yourself with Our Challenge, Our Solutions, Our Research, and Our Advocacy.

The Recruitment Period has Ended for Fall 2021 Internships

Our team has received sufficient applications for the fall internship season and is in the process of reviewing the final candidates. Interviewed candidates should hear back from our team no later than one week after the day of their interview. 

RepresentWomen offers internships to college students and recent graduates each spring, summer, and fall. All internships with RepresentWomen are completed on either a voluntary or for-credit basis. If you have any questions about our internship program or the application process for the spring or summer sessions of 2022, please feel encouraged to reach out to our team. Otherwise, please refer back to this page for the latest information on our offerings.

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