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Why gender categories are necessary for the Emmys

It will take a long time before there are enough Kate McKinnons, Mindy Kalings, Samantha Bees, or Maya Rudolphs to convince people that women are funny. That’s why the Emmys have gender categories. 

The “Outstanding lead actress in a comedy series” category for the Emmys is an absolute powerhouse. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Rachel Brosnahan, Natasha Lyonne, and more are up for the award. The “Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series” category is looking pretty good too, with Kate McKinnon, Olivia Coleman, and others in the running. 

Gender categories or not, these women are undeniably funny, and the gender categories are what allow them to be recognized for their humor and wit. Without them, these women could easily be buried by industry challenges created and exacerbated by sexism.

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