Development Intern

Meet the Team: Lexi

Posted on Blog on November 17, 2020

My name is Lexi Long, and I am a 2020 graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, PA. As an International Affairs and German Double Major with a Minor in Women and Gender Studies, I was afforded a wide range of opportunities to broaden my knowledge of international politics, language and culture, and how our global societal structure reinforces systematic inequality. During my study abroad experiences in both Germany and Denmark, two countries who have addressed various inequities in their political and economic spheres, I discovered that the United States has only just begun to change the discourse surrounding this narrative.

Meet the Team : Arria

Posted on Blog on November 17, 2020

Hello! My name is Arria Alton and I am a Nonprofit Admin and Development Intern for RepresentWomen. Currently, I am a senior at Vanderbilt University studying Human and Organizational Development with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin, where I spent the last six months in quarantine with my family; this resulted in a renewed sense of hometown pride and the return of my Midwestern accent.