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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation June 17, 2022
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Introducing the Solutions Summit Resource Guide!
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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation June 10, 2022
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Māori women fought alongside non-indigenous women for suffrage, but are they fairly represented in New Zealand’s House of Representatives?

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New Zealand’s actions for gender and Indigenous inclusion are working, it is now just a matter of ensuring Indigenous women have the same voice as their male and non-Indigenous counterparts. 

Gender Quotas for the Underrepresented? A Gender Parity Case Study: Brazil

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To achieve progress in women’s representation in many countries, including Brazil, a change in systems which enable and support the disenfranchisement of women and minorities is needed.

The History of Indigenous Women's Leadership

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“My young men are to lay aside their weapons; they are to take up the work of women; they will plow the field and raise the crops; for them I see a future, but my women, they to whom we owe everything, what is there for them to do? I see nothing! You are a woman; have pity on my women when everything is taken from them.”