Disabled Women

Posted on Intersectionality on August 11, 2021

A thriving democracy is within our reach, but our rules and systems must change to acknowledge the unique barriers that women with intersecting identities experience in the United States. Our nation’s rich diversity will be reflected in our government when all women have practical and fair opportunities to participate in American politics.

Our 2021 report, Intersectional Disempowerment: Exploring Barriers for Disabled Female Political Candidates in the United States presents an introduction to the topic of Disabled women's political participation in America, the barriers they face as candidates, and how well-designed structural reforms can help to make the political process more accessible for all.

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RepresentWomen Begins the Process of Language Accessibility

Posted on Blog on July 30, 2021

Despite the linguistic diversity that exists in the United States, language comprehension continues to be a structural barrier for many individuals—especially when it comes to voter education materials, electoral reform information, and candidate recruitment and training. With such a large percentage of our population having a native language other than English, many people remain at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding pertinent voting information, resources about running for office, and policy proposals that advance women’s representation and leadership.