Women's Representation in State Government

Find out how voting reforms can impact state elections

Statewide Executive Office

Only 9 out of 50 U.S. states currently have women governors. Seventeen women serve as lieutenant governors and 67 women hold other statewide offices such as attorney general or secretary of state. Nineteen states have never elected a woman governor.

Number of women serving in statewide executive offices: 93 out of 310
Percentage of positions held by women: 30%
Number of Republicans: 39
Number of Democrats: 52
Number of Nonpartisan:

Percentage of women of color in state elected executive positions:

infogram_0_4865b94b-0eaa-499c-ae83-8472ccc64a2cWomen Statewide Executives

infogram_0_8bd78c25-c242-4498-aabc-1a8f27a0c650Women Governors State by State


State Legislatures

Number of women serving: 2,297 out of 7,383 seats
Percentage of women: 31.1%
Number of Republicans: 759
Number of Democrats: 1,517
Number of nonpartisans: 13
Number of independents: 6
Number of Progressives: 2

Percentage of women of color in state legislatures: 26.6%

infogram_0_8ab466b1-010d-4ce0-aab8-845eec8147afPercentage of women in state legislatures

infogram_0_8d859155-74cb-482d-80bd-66be0bc8d0e5Women in State Legislatures 1993-2019 (By the Numbers)

Sources Consulted: Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University