March 7 - 2022 RepresentWomen Presents the Solutions Summit!

By Kaycie Goral on March 07, 2022


March 7, 2022

Contact: Kaycie Goral 

A Democracy Summit like you’ve never seen before, RepresentWomen is hosting a one-of-a-kind, all-woman speaker Solutions Summit Tomorrow!

Takoma Park, MD - (March 7, 2022) Democracy summits are essential. Hearing from experts is critical. But there are a LOT of democracy summits happening out there. Why is RepresentWomen hosting yet another one?

The Team at RepresentWomen couldn't help but notice how many highly talented, awe-inspiring women democracy experts are out there in the world...and how these many highly gifted and impressive women leaders are usually not invited to the table at these important democracy gatherings. 

 So RepresentWomen has built their table.

The Virtual Solutions Summit: Building a 21st Century Democracy is the first-ever democracy summit featuring only female experts. Authority figures in their fields will discuss a range of critical issues related to fair access, fair elections, and fair representation. Topics that are relevant (and urgent) for everyone. 

 The entire event will feature three days with two-hour sessions, with each day built around solutions to specific challenges in our democracy:


Registration is live for all three days. Reserve your seat today!


Day 1 (March 8th, 3:00-5:00 pm EST) Fair Elections: Upgrading How We Vote & Finance Campaigns

  • The Issues: Experts will speak to critical issues around ballot access and campaign finance. 

  • The Solutions: Experts will then focus on viable, scalable, and transformative solutions such as early voting, vote by mail, universal voter registration, and innovations in campaign finance. The day will end with tangible takeaways so that participants will know how to help advance these solutions.

Day 2 (March 9th, 3:00-5:00 pm EST) - Fair Access: The Electoral College, Voting Rights & The Legacy of Lani Guinier

  • The Issues: Experts will discuss the importance of protecting all Americans' voting rights, ensuring access to the ballot to those marginalized by our current system, and challenges related to the electoral college. 

  • The Solutions: Experts will examine the National Popular Vote, the reauthorization of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, electronic voting, and reasonable accommodation for those with specific needs (including language translation). The day will end with tangible takeaways so that participants will know exactly how to help advance these solutions.

Day 3 (March 10th, 3:00-5:00 pm) EST - Fair Representation: Expanding the House, Redistricting, Ranked Choice Voting, & the Fair Representation Act

  • The Issues: Experts will explain the barriers to fair representation built into our current system: the incumbency advantage, the limited size of the House, gerrymandering, plurality winners, winner-take-all elections, and single-member districts.

  • The Solutions: Experts will dive into expanding the House, Ranked Choice Voting, the Fair Representation Act, and ending gerrymandering as lasting, gold-standard solutions to the representation crisis we currently face. The day will end with tangible takeaways, so participants will know exactly how to help advance these solutions.


RepresentWomen is ecstatic to announce our line-up of incredible women leaders from across the country. 

On the importance of this incredible assembly of women experts in the field, RepresentWomen’s Strategic Partnerships Manager, Katie Usalis said,

"Largely inspired by the hundreds of women leaders in politics, the idea for the Solutions Summit was born from (frankly) getting tired of seeing only male faces at democracy summit after democracy summit. With Shirley Chisholm's words ringing in our ears, we decided to bring our own chair and host a Solutions Summit that will be the first-ever democracy summit to feature only women advocates and experts."

Each day will consist of videos or discussions by women experts who will frame the day by presenting the issue, followed by live one-on-one discussions between women practitioners and leaders in key solutions related to that day’s theme, and will end with live panel discussions with “on-the-ground” women leaders working to advance solutions at the national, state, and local levels.



For the full list of speakers, visit the solutions summit landing page. 


Regarding the timeliness of this one-of-a-kind summit, RepresentWomen CEO and Founder Cynthia Richie Terrell also said,

"The United States, one of the world’s oldest democracies, is now seeing a rise of antidemocratic views, not only among citizens but squarely within its established political parties. But we come bearing good news. There is hope. And that hope, we believe, is the shared power and potential of mobilized women to forge a new movement for a 21st-century democracy. RepresentWomen is hosting this Solutions Summit to elevate that leadership of women experts tackling the most pressing issues facing our democracy, and bring a laser focus on solutions to the challenges we face."

RepresentWomen, founded in 2018, is a research-based advocacy group that promotes the use of data-driven strategies to identify and eliminate the structural barriers women face in seeking elected office and advance women's representation and leadership in the United States. With our research on women's political representation worldwide, we aim to fill knowledge gaps in the gender equality and electoral reform sectors. With our research, we work in concert with our allies to address political barriers women face in politics to ensure that more women can RUN, WIN, SERVE & LEAD. 

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