Share ranked choice voting with my community

If you are interested in sharing ranked choice voting and its benefits with your community find some useful tools below.

1. Make a ranked choice poll

Use the RankIt app from FairVote to create a ranked choice poll on any topic of your choice and have your friends and family share their preferences and practice ranking their votes. 


2. Teach others about the benefits of ranked choice voting

Use our presentation on how ranked choice voting works and how it helps elect more women and other underrepresented groups to teach your community about the voting system. 

infogram_0_e0df7f0e-b59c-40f6-a263-f0e82b518c65RCV Presentation



3. Join the ranked choice voting conversation on social media

Share the facts about ranked choice voting with these pre-made graphics on the reform and our video, be sure to tag RepresentWomen. 

Social Media Library 


4. Contact your local ranked choice voting group

Find out if there is a ranked choice voting group in your area through our interactive map below. 

infogram_0_f4a6545c-aa37-4777-99a3-affc15843e2eLocal RCV Groups