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Women's Caucuses

RepresentWomen undertakes all of our research projects to further understand the current landscape of women's political and judicial representation across demographic and social divides. We use our research to ground and develop our advocacy strategies to build a culture of change and progress for women's representation throughout the country. 

infogram_0_92f58579-0f4b-451c-b5df-7e29b25b833fRep2020: States with Women Caucuses/ Commission

Caucuses are composed of people who are united to promote an agreed upon cause. Women’s Caucuses specifically exist to advance women’s issues. Often bipartisan in nature, these caucuses exist on a state by state basis because there is no national women’s commission. 

A growing number of studies confirm that women are disadvantaged by electoral rules, norms, and systems. Therefore, having women’s caucuses that would focus on recruitment targets for women candidates, mentoring programs to track potential candidates for office at the local and state level, and ways to increase funding of women candidates who run for office would ensure that women all over the country have the chance to run, win, serve and lead. 

To take a look at further research regarding the states and territories that currently have Women’s caucuses: National Conference of State Legislatures

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