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PACs and Donors have a pivotal role to play in improving women's elected representation. During the 2020 Congressional elections PACs continued to give more money to men than women because men continue to make up the majority of candidates and incumbents. 

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Evergreen Recommendations for PACs and Donors

PACs and Donors: Agents of Change for Women's Representation

Our 2020 PAC report shows that PACs and donors have an active role to play in leveling the playing field for women in politics. Even as some political scientists dispute the impact campaign spending has on electoral outcomes, anyone following the 2020 primaries knows that the viability of a candidate is often evaluated in part by her fundraising ability. Our 2020 PAC report on the 2018 election cycle, analyzes the data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics with a gender lens. PACs and donors have a vital role to play as changemakers in 2020 and beyond and helping to increase women's representation. 

Scroll further for the key highlights from this report, as well as a list of actions PACs and donors can take to be changemakers and help advance women's representation and leadership in the United States.

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Key Findings

We would like to thank the Center of Responsive Politics for their ongoing work in tracking campaign contributions by PACs and donations to PACs, broken down by sector and industry. 

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