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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation October 25, 2019

By NationBuilder Support on October 25, 2019


(from the desk of RepresentWomen's artist in residence....)
Dear friends,
It's hard to adequately capture even a fraction of the stories about women's representation each week but it is especially hard on weeks that I am traveling and scrambling between events and meetings. Here are a few highlights from this week that caught my eye, as always, please share with me anything you would like shared with the larger group.

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The History of Indigenous Women's Leadership

By NationBuilder Support by on October 23, 2019

“My young men are to lay aside their weapons; they are to take up the work of women; they will plow the field and raise the crops; for them I see a future, but my women, they to whom we owe everything, what is there for them to do? I see nothing! You are a woman; have pity on my women when everything is taken from them.”

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The Impact of Haudenosaunee Culture on the Early Suffragettes

By NationBuilder Support by on October 22, 2019

In a speech to the International Council of Women in 1888, suffragette and anthropologist, Alice Fletcher said “I crave for my Indian sisters, your help, your patience, and your unfailing labors, to hasten the day when the laws of the land shall know neither male nor female, but grant to all equal rights and equal justice.” In the 131 years following Alice Fletcher’s speech, women in general have gained a great many rights, but the Haudenosaunee women have lost many of theirs, and there remains an upward battle for equal justice.

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Weekend Reading on Women's Representation October 18, 2019

By NationBuilder Support on October 18, 2019


Hello friends,
I have been in Belgrade, Serbia this week attending the Inter-Parliamentary Union's 141st gathering of parliamentarians from 178 countries. I landed just now so this week's missive will be mostly photos - I apologize for those of you who have been following my journey on social media for the tedious duplication. 
While I must admit it felt a little lonely to be only one of two Americans at the Summit, I did find it incredibly satisfying to listen to the women parliamentarians speak about the role that institutional reforms like gender quotas, proportional voting systems, and gender-conscious parliamentary procedures have played in their success as candidates and elected officials. Hearing from the  parliamentarians first-hand that systems reforms are really driving the election of women around the globe fortifies my commitment to track the international data, analyze the trends, and push for the adoption of institutional reforms in the United States. 

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"Nevertheless, She Persisted" - Dedicated to #FightingForEquality

By NationBuilder Support on October 18, 2019

To sum up the importance of the event, Congressman Beyer noted that “when women succeed, America succeeds,” and this is something to keep in mind as we continue #FightingForEquality.

Congressman Don Beyer (VA-8) with Jane Fonda (left) and Megan Beyer (right) on Oct. 12, 2019.

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