Women Underrepresented in Elected Office

C-SPAN . Posted by Nate Victor on October 17, 2015

Women in Elected Office Cynthia Terrell talked about Representation 2020's report, The State of Women’s Representation 2015-2016: A Blueprint for Reaching Gender Parity, which shows women are underrepresented in national, state, and local-level elected offices. She also examined possible solutions to achieve parity. She responded to telephone calls and electronic communications, including a telephone line reserved for female legislators.

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Representation2020: Their Mission & Why it May Just Work

National Women's Political Caucus. Posted by Nate Victor on October 16, 2015

Women make up 50.8% of the population in the United States, but only 19% of Congress. Do we still live in a representative democracy if women are not being equally represented? It is easy to advertise these statistics and demand change, but if you have no actual plan to achieve gender parity, then your quest may be in vain. Representation 2020 seeks to present a plan...

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Women Rarely Elected Into Government Positions in Georgia

TheRed&Black. Posted by Nate Victor on October 13, 2015

Electoral success for female politicians in the state of Georgia is rare, a recent study found. Georgia received the second lowest score out of 50 states for its lack of female success in local, state and national elections, according to a study conducted by Representation2020 on the ratio of men to women in elected positions.

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Number of Kansas Women in Government Declining

Kansas City Star. Posted by Nate Victor on October 10, 2015

Once a leader in the number of women elected to office, Kansas is now in the middle of the pack for gender parity, according to a recent report. Representation2020, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, gives a gender parity score to each state. Kansas received 18.6 this year, placing it 24th overall nationwide. Last year, it was ranked 14th nationwide.

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Vermont Ranks 41st In Electoral Success of Women

VTDigger. Posted by Nate Victor on October 10, 2015

At Sue Minter’s gubernatorial campaign kickoff earlier this week, former Gov. Madeleine Kunin – an early supporter of Minter’s and the only woman to hold the post – gestured with her hand as if she was holding a torch.

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We Need to Do More Than Fix the Pipeline to Get Parity for Women in Office

The Nation. Posted by Nate Victor on June 19, 2015

Without Title IX, women athletes would not have had the opportunities that they do today. We need a similar movement for women candidates. Nearly a century after gaining national suffrage rights, American women represent a majority of voters, yet women represent less than a quarter of state legislators, a fifth of members of Congress, and an eighth of governors.

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No Taxation Without (Proportional) Representation

Sightline Institute. Posted by Nate Victor on May 19, 2015

The United States ranks 94th and Canada 60th in the world for female representation because less than 20 percent of Congressional seats and only a quarter of parliamentary seats are held by women. Of Oregon’s seven Congressional members, only one is a woman.

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Notes from the Capitol

Richmond Times Dispatch. Posted by Nate Victor on April 25, 2015

In December 2013, a group called Representation 2020 ranked Virginia last among the 50 states in gender parity, its measure of how well women are represented in elective office.

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Women Misrepresented In Politics

Women Misrepresented In Politics. Posted by Nate Victor on March 07, 2015

Since Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were barred from attending the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840, women in politics have made much progress. However, many still say that women haven’t come far enough in terms of equality.

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