Representation Report: March 2022

By Katie Usalis on March 03, 2022


Dear reader,

March is Women’s History Month. While there’s still lots of work to do, women around the world are running, winning, serving, and leading in their countries. We have a lot to look forward to this month, so let’s dive in! 


International Women Running, Winning, Leading, and Serving

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we are highlighting some of the amazing women leaders around the globe: 


Nearly ten years after passing gender quotas for political candidates, Mrs. Xiomara Castro has become the first-ever woman president of Honduras! Castro’s goal as president is to reduce poverty, inequality, and corruption; pressing issues that are impacting Hondurans. Since becoming president, Castro has selected her cabinet to have 10 women and 14 men, an almost gender balanced cabinet! Castro is a prime example of how, when women are put into higher positions, they will bring more women up with them. Read more about the importance of gender balanced cabinets from RepresentWomen’s 2020 Brief.



Amidst Russian attacks on Ukraine, two women Members of Parliament from Ukraine, Kira Rudik and Lesia Vasylenko, have spoken about organizing resistance groups against this aggression. The Ukrainian MPs highlight the bravery of both men and women joining the fight to defend their democracy. While Ukraine has more work to do before reaching gender parity in their Parliament, thanks to the gender quota incentive implemented into legislation in 2015, the amount of women in Parliament has already increased by almost 8% since the election in 2014. Gender quotas aren’t only successful in Ukraine! Read more in our blog about how gender quotas in Egypt help women win.        


What do the first woman president in Honduras, women MPs in Ukraine and women MPs in Egypt all have in common? Their countries have adopted policy tools that remove some of the structural barriers to women’s political leadership. Incentivizing parties and passing election legislation to ensure women have a spot at the table are simple, yet effective solutions to gender imparity.



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Thank you for your dedication to gender parity and fair representation for all! We cannot wait to see you next week at our Solutions Summit!



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Strategic Partnerships Manager, RepresentWomen


P.S. Have you read our latest piece in Ms. Magazine about the power of women to build a movement and democracy where we’re truly represented? Be on the lookout for quotes from many of our #SolutionsSummit22 speakers and other incredible women!


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