Representation Report: January 2022

By Katie Usalis on January 06, 2022

Dear subscriber,

New year. Same goal. Upgraded strategy! The RepresentWomen team spent the final months of 2021 reflecting, discussing, and collaborating with strategy experts. Finally, we are so excited to announce our enhanced Strategic Plan!

2022 (and beyond!) is all about transforming our high-quality research into scalable, replicable models that will lead to sustainable structural change

As you know, we have plenty of data and evidence on “why” we don’t have gender balance (and why we need it) and “what” we need to achieve gender balance. Now, we are ready to expand our reach towards establishing the “how” to achieve results.


Establishing viable, scalable, and transformative solutions

2022 is dedicated to three data-driven “Signature Solutions” that, based on specific selection criteria, are viablescalable, and transformative in achieving a representative, 21st century democracy. Our key Signature Solutions will be revisited on an annual basis, and year one of this strategic plan will focus on:

  • Gender-balanced PAC boards and funding commitments so more women RUN,
  • Ranked choice voting so more women WIN, and
  • Gender-balanced cabinets and appointments so more women LEAD.


How do we go from idea to action?

RepresentWomen will operate two main levers of change:

Research and knowledge building

  • Issue research: building evidence and data on the need for and effectiveness of our Signature Solutions
  • Change research: analyzing successful reform efforts in the US and abroad to understand how solutions are achieved and to document best practices

Strategic engagement to catalyze change

  • Agenda setting: embedding the urgency and importance of our Signature Solutions in the wider discourse on women’s empowerment and democracy reform 
  • Activating changemakers: strengthening national and state-level partnerships around actionable and measurable partnership plans
  • Equipping changemakers: creating tailored tools and resources that help changemakers and strategic partners apply knowledge to make real-world change


Want to get in on this?

If reading this excites you as much as typing it excites me, please jump on this train!

1. Go to our website to get more knowledge and information about our Signature Solutions, and the ways they update our government and address the structural barriers that hold underrepresented groups back.

2. Visit our Take Action page and explore our resources, chock-full of shareable presentations, handouts, templates for contacting your representative, a place to play around with RCV and the RankIt app, and more.

3. Consider supporting us financially! It might be hard to believe, but we’re actually a very small team of 5 full-time staff and 3 part-time associates. How do we do it? Passion, baby. We really believe in RepresentWomen and what we’re doing here, and every bit of financial support helps us feel encouraged and supported. Donations can be made HERE.

4. Reach out to me directly ([email protected]) if you or someone you know is part of an organization that could be a great partner in advancing our Signature Solutions.


As you may have seen in our 2021 Wrap in Ms. Magazine, we've made incredible headway for women's equal representation in 2021. Let’s keep the momentum going as we power pose into 2022. 


Here's to a new year,

Katie Usalis, Programs & Partnerships Director


P.S. Did you miss our latest research release?? The second instalment in our new research series, “Women’s Representation: Global Practices & Systems Strategies,” covers representation in Arab States.  Through this series, we will see what we can learn from the systems-based strategies used around the world to improve women’s representation. Find it HERE!