Representation Report: February 2022

By Katie Usalis on February 03, 2022

Dear reader,

It’s only the second month of the year and we have so much to share with you! 


Celebrating Wins for Black Women Politicians

First off, it’s Black History Month, but black women are making history every single day! With Justice Breyer stepping down, a new Supreme Court Justice will need to be nominated. Let’s be sure to continue advocating for the President to make good on his campaign promise to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court!


We also want to spotlight Andrea Jenkins, who last month became the United States’ first Black openly transgender woman to be City Council President in Minneapolis. She represents the area where George Floyd was murdered and is committed to healing this community through creating a memorial while also implementing new projects to ensure public safety. 


Go HERE to learn more about the ever-present demographic divide in our government, and check out how Ranked Choice Voting helps close this gap at our RCV research page HERE.



Secondly, we are thrilled to invite you to our Solutions Summit: Building a 21st Century Democracy taking place from March 8th-10th, 2022 from 3-5pm EST! This three day virtual event will feature expert speakers and panelists who are working on solutions that upgrade our democracy to meet our modern day needs and values. These incredible women will be tackling issues in the fields of voting rights, elections, and more. 


Solutions Summit Day 1:  Fair Elections – Upgrading How We Vote & Finance Campaigns

Tuesday, March 8th from 3-5pm EST

Unequal access to ballots and inadequate campaign finance laws are all problems that inhibit fair elections in the United States. On the first day of our Solutions Summit, experts will be discussing the solutions to these challenges which include voting by mail, universal voter registration, and better campaign financing practices. 


Solutions Summit Day 2: Fair Access – Voting Rights: the Legacy of Lani Guinier

Wednesday, March 9th from 3-5pm EST

Voting rights are a key aspect to our democracy, however voter suppression has continually hindered fair representation of all Americans. In order to combat this along with other barriers to voting, the second day of our Solutions Summit will feature expert discussions on the National Popular Vote and reauthorization of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.   


Solutions Summit Day 3: Fair Representation – House Expansion, Redistricting, Ranked Choice Voting, & the Fair Representation Act

Thursday, March 10th from 3-5pm EST

Numerous obstacles, from the incumbency advantage to the single-winner plurality system, are preventing equal, fair representation in elected positions in government. On the final day of our Solutions Summit, our speakers will be discussing the ways in which expanding the House of Representatives, Independent Redistricting Committees and ending gerrymandering, implementing Ranked Choice Voting, and passing the Fair Representation Act can all help to ensure everyone’s voices are being heard.



Want to be a part of the solution? 

  1. Register directly for the Solutions Summit HERE and for more details about the event, click HERE
  2. Sign this petition to urge Biden to nominate the first Black woman to the SCOTUS 
  3. Visit our Take Action page and check out our Resources for opportunities to write an op-ed or to your local newspaper, contact your representative, and use our handouts to share our research (make sure to tag us!)


Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at our Solutions Summit!



Katie Usalis

Strategic Partnerships Manager, RepresentWomen


P.S. Have you heard that the Inter-Parliamentary Union released their January 2022 Gender Parity Rankings and the US ranks 72nd in the world for gender equality? If you’re curious about how your state compares to others in the US, check out our Gender Parity Index HERE!


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