Representation Report: April 2022

By Katie Usalis on April 07, 2022

Dear reader,

March was Women’s History Month, and what a perfect moment for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to make history as our nation’s first ever Black woman SCOTUS nominee.  We love what she had to say about why #RepresentationMatters:

Representation is not just about fairness. It’s about fostering trust in our institutions and legitimizing the systems that govern our country.

Did you know…

Women attend law school at greater rates than men but are underrepresented as judges. Women make-up:

  • 33% of Supreme Court Justices
  • 35% of Federal Judges
  • 34% of State Judges

Out of the 115 justices that have served on the Supreme Court, there have only been five women - three of whom are currently on the bench. 65 of the 175 active judges currently sitting on the federal circuit courts are female (37%).

Women of color are less represented than any other demographic group. Women of color make-up:

  • 11% of Supreme Court Justices
  • 8% of Federal Judges
  • 8% of State Judges

Is representation improving?

As of January 2022, President Biden has 42 confirmed federal judges with 78.6% of them being women. His predecessors confirmed women 42% (Obama) and 24% (Trump) of the time.


If you want to help elect more women to office, please consider a gift to RepresentWomen today. In the coming months, we'll use your support to work in states across the country to pass reforms that will help elect more women.


Thank you so much for your interest and support of systems reform that removes barriers for gender balance in US politics. Enjoy the rest of your week!,

Katie Usalis, Strategic Partnerships Manager

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