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Representation is Powerful



Representation is Powerful

Representation of the people is a fundamental pillar of a functioning democracy; yet, half of our population is underrepresented at every level of government.


To fulfill our country’s commitment to true democracy and to the values of liberty and equality, we must close this gap. Better representation will ensure women’s voices are heard and their issues fairly recognized, as studies show that women legislators are more likely than men to address women’s interests.

Representation in government affects more than just policy - it’s a tool for social empowerment.

The current underrepresentation of women in office is robbing future generations of women leaders and pioneers and preventing progress in our communities. 

Studies show that “the presence of highly visible female politicians" inspires political engagement and aspirations amongst young girls and women, and that men also increase their involvement when more women candidates are on the ballot.


For a better government and society for all Americans, women’s representation is key.