The Impact of the RCV Primaries - Mayoral Race


The Impact of the RCV Primaries - Mayoral Race

While 2021 did not result in NYC's first women mayor, the ranked choice voting primaries still led to dramatic gains for women mayoral candidates. Despite women being dramatically outspent, women candidates performed exceptionally well. Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley finished second and third in the primaries with Garcia losing by only a few thousand votes.

Women also ran in record numbers. Since 1989, only 13 women have ever appeared on either a primary ballot or on the general ballot in NYC mayoral elections. Seven of those women (54%) ran in 2021. Three of those election cycles (1989, 1993, and 2009) had no women appear on either a primary or the general ballot.

Scroll through the chart below to learn more about the women who appeared on mayoral ballots from 1989-2021, including the vote percentage the received in their races, and how much money they raised. 

infogram_0_e1e30778-24a2-4712-aa98-a9b32b1e23f3History of Women in NYC Mayoral Races

The chart below shows the progress of women candidates in receiving funding in mayoral races. Hover over to learn see many women received funding over $25,000 as well as the percentage of candidates that raised over $25,000 in their race that were women. For example, in 2021, the six women represent 33.33% of all candidates that raised over $25,000.

infogram_0_7f53ba71-1cfe-48c9-9049-41606132b0beHistory of Women Funding in NYC Mayoral Races