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Rania Boublal-Volunteer Researcher

Rania Boublal is a veterinary doctor who graduated from the Higher National Veterinary School in Algeria. She recently obtained her Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management at the Higher National School of Management. In the fall of 2021, Rania joined the RepresentWomen team as a fellow through the Community Solutions Program (CSP) at IREX. Through this fellowship, Rania researched candidate training organizations in the United States with the hopes of running a similar program at home. In late 2022, Rania rejoined the RepresentWomen team as a volunteer researcher, and researches women's representation abroad. 

Rania has more than five years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She currently serves as the General Secretary for "Algeunesse," a local association working on promoting youth and children's role in Algerian society. Rania is passionate about human and animal rights, gender equality, ending violence against women, peace and security, and political dialogue. Rania loves to read, color, swim, go on long walks, and watch movies for fun!

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