Project Managers

Cynthia Richie Terrell is the founder and director of RepresentWomen, a founder of the ReflectUS coalition, and an advocate for systems strategies to advance women’s representation and leadership here and abroad. Terrell co-founded FairVote, where she served in leadership roles seeking electoral reform for over two decades.

She is published in many journals and news publications, is a frequent media source, and has spoken widely about electoral reform and data-driven strategies to elect more women. Terrell began her career with extensive work on campaigns for the U.S. President, Congress, statewide executive office, and state and local initiatives.

Khalid Pitts, FairVote’s, Executive VP for Policy and Programs, is a seasoned political and public relations strategist with decades of experience directing national political and legislative campaigns, non-profit executive management, and leading national advocacy programs. Pitts’ background includes senior-level positions at the Sierra Club, SEIU, USAction, and Democracy Partners.

Pitts is a skilled tactician and organizational leader who understands the nuts and bolts of organizing. As co-founder and executive board co-chair for Health Care for America Now (HCAN), he helped build a coalition of over 1,000 organizations representing 30 million people as Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. 

Michelle Whittaker has over 15 years of experience with advocacy outreach, strategic communications, website development, electoral reform, and grassroots mobilization. Her expertise is in strategy development, storytelling, constituency engagement, organizing, and media outreach. 

Whittaker is the principal of MCW Creative Group, a strategic consulting firm for nonprofits and political campaigns, including this year for a successful woman challenger to a male incumbent on the Washington, D.C. city council. Her organizational and leadership experience includes directing communications at FairVote, the Democracy Initiative, the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society, and founding Ranked Choice Voting for Maryland.