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Political parties and leadership have a decisive role to play in improving the gender diversity of our elected officials. As political gatekeepers political parties must take action and implement recruitment targets so more women run for office. Want to learn more about how political parties can impact women running? Look through our research here

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What are recruitment targets?

Even after several record-breaking years for women candidates, women continue to make up less than half of the candidates fielded every election cycle. To change this, intentional actions must be taken by political parties and other political gatekeepers to change their recruitment strategies and increase the number of women who run for office. 

U.S. political parties and candidate recruitment organizations must commit to recruitment targets for women and alter their traditional outreach strategies to address the concerns women have about running for office. Political parties can go so far as to adopt gender inclusive quotas for down-ballot races ensuring women and non-binary folk alike are recruited to run at higher rates—a step the Democratic Party has already taken for state delegations to the national convention held every four years. 


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1. Teach others about recruitment targets

Use our presentation on gender balance rules in the US and around the world to teach your community about the benefits of recruitment targets.

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2. Join the conversation on social media

Share the facts about recruitment targets and gender quota use internationally with these pre-made graphics, be sure to tag RepresentWomen.

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Email your local party leaders

If you support the use of recruitment targets contact your local party leaders and urge them to commit to recruiting more women and nonbinary candidates to run for elected office. Use our handy email temple below.

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