PACs and Donors

So long as money plays a vital role in viability when it comes to running for office, PACs and individual donors are also important political gatekeepers who can help to correct the lack of diversity in elected office. PACs and donors should set targets for funding women and nonbinary candidates. Want to learn more about how PACs and donors can impact the number of women running? Look through our research here


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What are funding targets?

Women are more likely to run for elected office as challengers or in open-seats with fewer financial resources and smaller donor networks. 

Despite the growing grassroots and PAC donations every election cycle, women continue to raise on average less than men. PACs and large individual donors give most of their donations to incumbent candidates who, with a success rate of 96 percent, are nearly guaranteed to keep their seats.

PACs and large individual donors should commit to funding targets for women candidates and raise those targets every election cycle to level the political playing field. 

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1. Teach others about the funding discrepancies for women candidates

Use our presentation on PAC funding during the 2018 Congressional election cycle works and the steps than can be taken to correct this imbalance.



2. Join the conversation on social media

Share the facts about PAC funding and women candidates with these pre-made graphics on the reform, our video on funding in 2020, and our PAC case studies from the 2018 cycle. Be sure to tag RepresentWomen. 

Social Media Library 


3. Read and share our 2020 PAC Report One-Pager

Find the executive summary for our 2020 report "PACs and Donors: Agents of Change for Women's Representation" here, learn about our key findings and what we can do with by identifying and highlighting the funding gap women face. 

Contact a PAC

Funding women candidates fairly is an essential step in our fight for gender balance in politics, and you have a role to play.


Membership PACs

If you give to a membership PAC email your leadership and demand they fund more women and commit to funding targets for gender diversity. Use our handy email template below. 

Membership PAC Template 


Call out PACS

If you are not part of a membership PAC, you can still call on PACs to increase their funding for women candidates. Use our PAC Case Studies and tweet templates to call out major PACs like Disney, Amazon and Facebook to commit to funding targets for women candidates. Find some Tweet examples below.

Tweet 1:

 @[PAC TWITTER HANDLE] has not committed to fund more women running for office. With a membership that is [PERCENTAGE] female, [PAC NAME] should not remain idle in the fight for accelerating gender parity! #RepresentationMatters


Tweet 2:

Hey, @[PAC HANDLE], why have you not committed to funding more women candidates? [PERCENTAGE] of your contributions comes from women, you have the power to accelerate gender parity! #RepresentationMatters