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Gender Parity Index

The Gender Parity Index measures women's representation across the local, state legislative, state-wide executive, and federal levels and grades them according to their performance. 


Our 2019 Report is the sixth in a series leading to the year 2020, the centennial of the 19th Amendment. The report finds that women are underrepresented at the national, state, and local level, and that parity for men and women in elected office is unlikely to occur without structural changes in recruitment rules, electoral systems, and legislative norms.


2019 - State Grades Map (Live Map Redirect)

 2019 - Gender Parity Index

International Series

The International Series tracks the best practices for women's representation around the world. 

International Dashboard

Launched in 2018, our international research is dedicated to finding the best practices that advance the representation of women around the world. Our research shows that electoral rules and systems - and the degree to which they are enforced - have an impact on women's representation. To learn more, check out our latest report, Why Rules and Systems Matter: Lessons from Around the World

2019 - Why Rules and Systems Matter: Lessons from Around the World (Update) 2019 - International Women's Representation Tracker: G20 Osaka Summit 2018 - Gender Quota Reform in Chile: Progress and Challenges
2019 - The Path to Gender Parity: A Case Study of Mexico  2018 - Gender Quota Reform: A situation analysis of Latin America and the European Union 2018 - Why Rules and Systems Matter: Lessons from Around the World (Inaugural Report)


The Gender Parity Index (Archive)

The state of women's representation in the United States since 2013-2014: 


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2018 - Gender Parity Index 2017 - GPI Summary 2017 - Gender Parity Index
 GPI2016.jpg GPI2015_2.jpg  GPI2013.jpg 

2016 - Gender Parity Index: Eve of the Election

2015-2016 - Gender Parity Index: A Blueprint for Reaching Gender Parity

 2013-2014 - Gender Parity Index: American Women in Elected Office & Prospects for Change (Inaugural Report)



Additional Research


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2016 - Individual and PAC Giving to Women Candidates

2016 - The Impact of Ranked Choice Voting on Representation

2016 - Representing Women and People of Color: Insights from American Counties


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