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The online platform ‘Representation 2020. A Century from Suffrage to Parity’ works to raise awareness of the under-representation of women in elected office, to strengthen coalitions supportive of measures to increase women's representation, and to highlight the often overlooked structural barriers to achieving gender parity in American elections. This work is designed to complement the important work being done to: reject gender stereotypes that suggest that men are more effective leaders than women; recruit, train and fund women candidates; and encourage more women to run for high-profile offices.

Representation2020 focuses on three structural reforms that increase women's electoral success. They include: new recruitment practices that ensure political parties and 'gatekeepers' recruit and nominate more women candidates; fair representation voting plans with multi-member districts to increase the likelihood of women running for office and being elected; and improved legislative practices that ensure the day-to-day operation of the legislature or city council is not biased against women serving in office.

Please visit directly the online platform by following this link (link is external).

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