New York City

RepresentWomen's research on electoral reforms shows that ranked choice voting helps to elect more women to office and is an innovative and effective tool to build a 21st-century democracy that better reflects all voters. Between 2010 and 2019, 19 jurisdictions used ranked choice voting to elect municipal officials. Overall, women won 48% of the seats up for election in these cities, about 20 points above the norm. In June 2021, New York City held ranked choice primaries for the first time since the late-1940s to nominate candidates for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, the five boro presidents, and the city council. 

2021 NYC Council Primary Results

According to our last count, women lead in 31 (2 Republican; 29 Democratic) city council primaries; 29 are likely to win the general election this November - 26 are women of color. Should these leads hold, the NYC council is likely to be majority-led by women of color in the next year, reinforcing RepresentWomen's previous finding that women fare better in ranked choice elections
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