The Impact of Money

How Money Mattered

The financial data from the NYC primaries showed a sharp gender discrepancy in where the funding went. While women made up nearly 50% of all candidates that received donations, they only received 16% of the total monetary amount. 

infogram_0_1b6ee71d-3cad-44e1-bd77-83facd9151b9Candidates vs Monetary Distribution (NYC Primaries 2021)

When the donations for funding are broken down by race type, the race that appears to skew the percentage is the mayoral race. Women candidates received two-thirds of support funding (funding not used to oppose a candidate) in the city council races. In comparison, in the mayoral race, women candidates only received 7%. Despite this, two women finished as the second and third place finishers in the primary, coming within inches to becoming NYC's first woman mayor.

infogram_0_d588dc61-82b8-49d6-92cd-917f93b456d7NYC Support Funding (Primaries 2021)